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Full 2

This week I advanced to the rank of professeure titulaire, which translates as full professor. For reference, because the translations are confusing across English and French and I routinely run into people who have trouble with the confusion, I will use this opportunity to clarify: French English professeur.e assistant.e a rank below assistant professor (does […]

CIHR Spring Project Cancellation 1

In the interests of transparency, here are recommendations I sent individually by email to CIHR in response to their decision to cancel the Spring 2020 Project decision. I sent the following to Dr. Michael Strong (president of CIHR), Dr. Jeannie Shoveller (chair of CIHR Governing Council), Dr. Tammy Clifford (vice-president, research programs) and Mr. Adrian […]

Getting Access to Paywalled Papers 20

I wrote this to explain some things that are often invisible to people who don’t publish in peer-reviewed journals as corresponding authors. My primary purpose for putting up this post is to share that even in the current, imperfect system, there are things that anyone can do to more easily access paywalled papers. Scroll down […]

Medical decision making and diabetes: Mon Oct 20 2:45-4:15p Eastern

I have organized a symposium at an upcoming conference in Miami. The topic is medical decision making in diabetes, and the focus is on incorporating diversity. Mila Ferrer is one of our speakers, and we have some very exciting(1) academic speakers as well. “Medical decision making” is academic speak for everything from “helping people with […]

Why you want patient partners on your research team 2

Last night, I glanced at twitter just before going to sleep. (Rarely a good idea, I know.) I noted a tweet posted by the account of the editor of the Journal of General Internal Medicine, a high impact and generally (no pun intended) excellent journal: Simple experiment in #JGIM finds that #diabetes feedback using grades, […]

What Do You Mean, I Can’t Have It All?

Note: I originally wrote this post for Emmi Solutions, and it was also picked up by Kevin MD. ~~~~~~~~~ My first week at my new job at a French-speaking university in a city of 95% francophones, I learned a useful new expression: vouloir le beurre, et l’argent du beurre. This translates literally as, ‘to want […]

Health Literacy, Numeracy and Risk 1

I’m keenly interested in the design features of online health applications and the way people respond to different aspects of presentation and interaction. One of the things that triggered a set of questions for me was one of the websites I analyzed in my dissertation research, which offered detailed estimates of risks related to prostate […]