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Data, Information and Knowledge 2

I’m at a conference in LA at the moment; it feels so lovely and strange to be able to walk around outside in short sleeves. I took a really excellent short course on Sunday afternoon about the psychology of decision-making, led by Alan Schwartz. At one point, he was talking about the gist paradox. There […]

The B Lane Swimmer 2

A number of years ago, I joined a Master’s swim team. I was doing triathlons at the time, and the swim was my weakest leg. The team I joined divided the pool into four lanes: A (fastest swimmers), B (next fastest), C (next fastest) and D (slowest.) Workouts were organized accordingly; faster swimmers were assigned […]

An engineering approach to problem solving 2

I’ve realized recently that even as my research interests take me further and further away from my engineering background, I remain incredibly grateful for my training. Engineering is essentially all about problem solving, and the approach is just so sensible: 1. Establish what you want to know. Write it down. 2. Figure out what you […]

The Standards vs. The Individuals

I ran into Hans Oh at a meeting last night. A few years ago he blogged somewhere between agreement and disagreement with a presentation I gave at eHealth 2005 in which I argued that trying to make one-size-fits-all eHealth applications is, at best, wasted effort, and at worst, harmful. That topic came up again last […]