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Medical decision making and diabetes: Mon Oct 20 2:45-4:15p Eastern

I have organized a symposium at an upcoming conference in Miami. The topic is medical decision making in diabetes, and the focus is on incorporating diversity. Mila Ferrer is one of our speakers, and we have some very exciting(1) academic speakers as well.

“Medical decision making” is academic speak for everything from “helping people with type 2 diabetes decide whether or not they want to try a different medication or perhaps start insulin therapy” to “doing the science & math that funders use to decide whether or not to fund continuous glucose monitors.” The Society for Medical Decision Making is one of my favourite groups. There are a lot of people in the Society who do top-notch research and really do their best to help make people’s lives better.

I will be live-tweeting the session and will bring questions from twitter to the speakers and send answers back on twitter.

So if you are interested in topics like:

    – cultural competence in diabetes care
    – training doctors, nurses, and others to provide the best possible care for people with diabetes
    – support and education for people with diabetes
    – funding decisions about medication & equipment
    – an so on

and you are free Mon Oct 20 between 2:45-4:15p Eastern, please follow along with the conference hashtag: #smdm14 and feel free to ask questions!

I’d also be happy to collect questions ahead of time if you are interested in the topics but aren’t available during that time slot.

You can:

    – send me questions @hwitteman
    – leave a comment here on this blog post, or
    – email me at holly dot witteman at fmed dot ulaval dot ca.

(1) Exciting is relative here. We are still talking about academic presentations, after all.

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