Health Literacy, Numeracy and Risk 1

I’m keenly interested in the design features of online health applications and the way people respond to different aspects of presentation and interaction. One of the things that triggered a set of questions for me was one of the websites I analyzed in my dissertation research, which offered detailed estimates of risks related to prostate [...]

Data, Information and Knowledge 2

I’m at a conference in LA at the moment; it feels so lovely and strange to be able to walk around outside in short sleeves. I took a really excellent short course on Sunday afternoon about the psychology of decision-making, led by Alan Schwartz. At one point, he was talking about the gist paradox. There [...]

The Psychology of the B Lane Swimmer 2

A number of years ago, I joined a Master’s swim team. I was doing triathlons at the time, and the swim was my weakest leg. The team I joined divided the pool into four lanes: A (fastest swimmers), B (next fastest), C (next fastest) and D (slowest.) Workouts were organized accordingly; faster swimmers were assigned [...]

Power and Responsibility

I’ve been thinking a great deal lately about the close relationship between power and responsibility. It keeps coming up in my research. It has shown itself in three different projects/papers I am working on, and I’m attending a workshop soon on the idea of the flip side of empowerment: a shifting burden of work. It’s [...]

Recent Reading: Brief Reviews Part 1 1

I recently began reading for pleasure again when I realized that denying myself one of my deepest pleasures for so long had ceased to help my productivity. Rather the opposite, in fact. Also, I took a long overdue unplugged holiday over the Christmas break and I recently contracted pneumonia again, both of which offered opportunities [...]

InaDWriMo 1

How have I never heard of this? (Apparently I do not spend enough time on the right places on the Web.) Better late than never, I say. I’ve already had a writing-heavy month, and I had some loose goals for next month, so I’m firming them up. By Dec 20 (conveniently: one month from now, [...]


Papers changed my life. I have used it to organize the 1200+ (and counting) pdfs that I have collected and cited in the course of my time in grad school. I love: the autofill on the metadata (I wish it worked better on some of my areas of interest — I rarely get more than [...]

Motherhood: The Elephant in the Laboratory 2

In keeping with my themed reading (all pleasure reading must at least have some practical applicability to my life) I took Motherhood: The Elephant in the Laboratory with me to a conference combined with a stopover to visit my in-laws last week. The book was interesting, inspiring, and had some wonderful anecdotes, but I was [...]

Mama, Ph.D. 5

I read this book a couple of months ago, and it really resonated for me. I love books of essays. I have always been an enormous fan of books of short stories, and over the years, I have gravitated more and more towards nonfiction and especially creative nonfiction. (I really do like bite-sized reading.) The [...]

Mental Shift

I love books of essays and short stories, especially during busy periods when I have to carve out time for bite-sized pleasure reading. I am currently reading The Best American Short Stories 2007, and so far, I’ve had a wide range of reactions to the different stories. As I finished one story that I didn’t [...]